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For Toni, it was a journey home to reconnect with family and friends after ten years in Shanghai.

Much had changed. Her mother now a widow and she, single again.

Her best friend, a once-abandoned dog. Alcohol, her drug and painkiller.

The other, a young lady from China. Leaving her country and dreams of playing in a world-class orchestra to work in a place where men wooed the women of their fancy, with flowers worth tens of thousands.

Their paths crossed and the two strangers became friends. Forming a bond thicker than blood.

Falling in love and into a world ruled by shady characters. 

Getting caught in a web of lies, cover-ups and a series of events which eventually led to the disappearance of the top performing girl.

In a country, renowned for its strict rules and squeaky clean image, would the law be able to protect them from the consequences of their choices in life?

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