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JoGeeHo spoke her first word only when she was four years old, after overhearing her mother tell the neighbour that her daughter was dumb, and needed to get her tongue cut.
She more than made up for the years she was thought to have Ankyloglossia. Breaking the silence, few days after the eavesdropping, by talking too much about anything and everything.
Telling everyone (who cared to listen) that she had great ambitions to be a bus conductor, newspaper girl, car washer, dog walker, singer in a band, private investigator, psychologist, hit woman, or murderer [in a book or movie] … 
After struggling as a secretary, learning to type with one finger and teaching her Japanese boss English for six months, she eventually quit daydreaming to become a copywriter.
She now writes freely, inspired by anything and everything. Love, friendship, betrayal, mother-daughter conflict, flowers, dogs, loneliness, alcoholism in her debut book titled Flowers for No. 29.


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